Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

Progressive Auto Credit, a division of Progressive Leasing and Auto Sales Ltd, will process your credit application, and obtain credit approval for a vehicle from a vast lender network to get you the best approval possible, based on your creditworthiness.
Upon completing the approval process, Progressive Auto Credit will review your vehicle selection and approval terms with you. Upon agreement of the vehicle and terms of the approval, Progressive Auto Credit will arrange delivery of the vehicle to your home or work at no additional cost to you.

7 day Test Drive Policy

As you have not been able to test the vehicle prior to purchase, Progressive Auto Credit will extend an exchange period of 7 days from the delivery date, or 500kms from the purchase odometer. Within that period,
the purchaser will be able to exchange the vehicle for a different one, bearing in mind,
that the vehicle must fit within the approval guidelines we have obtained for you.
We will do our best job to find you the right vehicle, but please keep in mind that returns and/or cancellations are not allowed or available.

Only one exchange will be permitted for each buyer’s transaction. A replacement vehicle is not defined
as a new transaction.

Any exchanged vehicles must be in the same condition as they were received at a time of delivery. The purchaser
is responsible for any damages to the vehicle during this period. A condition report must be signed at the initial time of delivery, so as to establish any current defects or flaws, (if any) that exist on the vehicle.
Damages include, but are not limited to, rock chips, scratches, dents, glass damage or breakage, and interior damage.

The 7-day test drive policy only applies to purchases initiated on our website, with a submitted credit application. Purchases made in person at Progressive Leasing and Auto Sales do not qualify.


Waiver of the 7 day Test drive

You may waive the 7-day test drive at your own discretion, for any reason. Certain promotions, cash-backs, or trade-in payouts
may be time sensitive, and would not take effect until the expiry of the test-drive period. The 7 day test-drive is not available
with all types of approvals, and are based on creditworthiness. You would be notified at the time of initial credit approval if the
7-day test-drive period is not available.


Vehicles must be covered by full-coverage insurance (including glass in some cases), with Progressive Leasing and Auto Sales Ltd,
shown as the loss-payee/lienholder, during the 7 day period. After day 7, the insurance requirements of the approving lender must be met. Typically, this will be a simple change of loss-payee/lienholder.


A valid, government issued, photo identification must be obtained for all transactions. A driver’s licence is the preferred form of identification, but some lenders may accept other forms of ID. Please consult with Progressive Auto Credit at time of purchase, as to acceptable forms of ID applicable to your approval.
All ID must be verified prior to purchase, in person, or by other methods acceptable to Progressive Auto Credit.
We take identify theft and fraud very seriously. We need to know that you are the person applying for, and accepting delivery of the vehicle. If we suspect any ID theft/fraud, we may direct all received information to local authorities.

Warranty/Mechanical Inspections

All vehicles undergo an inspection, and a provincially mandated Certificate of Mechanical Fitness
will be provided to the purchaser, along with the repair/maintenance records performed by Progressive
Auto Repair. A Carfax report detailing the vehicles insurance/registration/recall history will also be provided at no cost. A 90-day powertrain warranty is included with the purchase, and the balance of factory warranty, if applicable.
Extended warranties are available, and may be included within your new loan, OAC.


Delivery is included with the purchase, to an area defined by our policy. Delivery areas and times may change from
time to time, so please consult with one of our professionals to get accurate information at the time of sale.

Trade in Vehicles

Progressive Auto Credit will evaluate all trade-in vehicle information at the initial stages of the
credit approval process. Information about your trade-in will be obtained, to determine an
estimated trade-in value. The information obtained would include, but is not limited to:


We do our best to disclose all information about the vehicle you are purchasing, and we hope that you will be upfront about all the details of the vehicle you are trading. Progressive Auto Credit
reserves the right to cancel, or modify any transaction and/or demand a loan/lease document re-write, or
immediate return of the purchased vehicle in the event that misleading information about your trade-in vehicle was supplied.
You must be the registered owner, or have legal authority as such, to trade in a vehicle.

If you have a current lease or loan balance still owing on your trade-in vehicle, Progressive Auto Credit will take steps to obtain payout(s), and will pay the owing amount to the lienholder directly, upon completion of the
new loan/lease documents, and the expiry of the 7 days test-drive period. You may waive the 7 days test-drive period at any time, via email, to expedite payouts of your trade-in lease/loan.

Cash Purchases

At this time, cash purchases do not qualify for free delivery or the 7-day test drive. Please contact Progressive Leasing and Auto Sales
directly for purchases by cash/bank draft/credit card.


In some cases, vehicles may require adjustments or service after delivery. Adjustments can be made at Progressive Auto Repair,
or another facility of our choosing, or may or may not be at the purchaser’s expense. These would be on a case-case
basis, and decisions by management. Wheels should be re-torqued after 100kms from inspection, which may not be done prior to delivery. We offer this service free-of-charge at Progressive Auto Repair.

General Policies

Progressive Auto Repair reserves the right to amend or change policies at any time without prior warning.

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